From Pioneer to Plonker

It's astonishing how helpless one can feel on arriving in a new country. In the UK I rewired a house; in the US I have to think before wiring a plug. In the UK I installed a kitchen; on first arriving in the US I couldn't even turn on a tap (although apparently it wasn't a tap, it was a faucet). So, since moving here, my self-image regularly switches from pioneering adventurer to complete plonker and then, but only for brief periods, back again.
All electrical appliances here run on 110V, unless they run on 220V, in which case they have a special plug, unless they're 50A, in which case they have a different plug, unless they are to be used in a house built after 1996, in which case they have a different plug, unless of course they're to be used in an RV or trailer home, in which case they might have a different plug unless an adapter is available, which may or may not be used in certain states, apart from those states in which a jumper or bridge between Earth and Neutral is permissible when adapting a four-pin appliance for a three-pin socket. Or something like that; I can't even begin to summon up the energy to understand. From now on I may have to consider paying someone to do the jobs I used to consider routine.