Getting ‘The Blues’

We’ve decided that ours is to become a blues household. With that in mind, we’re trying to pick a new name for the dog. I’m thinking ‘Lumpy Dawg McTavish’ whereas Kate inclines more towards ‘Lumpy Max McTavish’.
I should point out that his current name is Max and he has a number of prominent lumps (the vet says they’re nothing to worry about). He also goes into the studio every morning to make an assortment of noises, so we have naturally assumed that he’s either a) spitting barks and laying down some tracks, b) he’s trying to let us know that the place is haunted or c) there’s a hobo sheltering in the cupboard, which is quite possible, because if you have a blues household, you should expect to get cupboard hobos from time to time.
This decision might take a while…